Working together for a healthy life Value Medical Complex

Value Medical Complex, a leading medical facility headquartered in Qatar, provides medical services of the highest standard using the latest medical and cosmetic equipment.​

At Value Medical Complex, we use the latest innovations in medical technology to provide customers with unparalleled healthcare services. We are known for our exemplary services in plastic surgery, dermatology, laser therapy and dentistry in all its departments.​

At Value Medical Complex, we offer a wide range of specialized clinics, through the majority of medical cosmetic departments and other specialties, and we are always looking to increase the number of specialties constantly, due to our keenness to meet all the needs of our valued customers.​

We have hired Arab doctors with long experience and high skills in their fields, as well as our nursing staff that is no less efficient than them.​

Our Vision

Value Medical Complex Strives to be one of the primary medical facilities in the state of Qatar.

Our Mission

Provide the Highest level of healthcare services to our valued patients. Our devotion to strive for excellence, innovation, and respect for the holistic needs of all individuals in the community enables us to provide first-rate medical services, in the private health sector.

Our Core Values

  • Quality

    We achieve excellence by relentless pursuit of the highest standard of healthcare services as well as for people and organizational performance through creativity and innovation.​

  • Trust

    At Value Medical Complex, we work with utmost transparency and we respect the individual and ensure that trust is built with our patients, as mutual trust is extremely important to provide them with appropriate health care.​

  • Focus on patient care

    Because every patient is different, we design our health services based on your specific needs. We support not only your health, but your overall health as well, by truly respecting and responding to your priorities, values, and goals.​